Near West Free Clinic is a free medical clinic under the umbrella of the non-profit Neighborhood Health Partners. The clinic is run by medical, PA and pharmacy students and staffed by local volunteer physicians with a heart to serve our neighbors. We provide free health exams and pharmacy to anyone in need every Saturday.

The NWFC started when a group of local medical students worked with Dr. James Pike to find an area in need of additional primary care services. The near-west side of Indianapolis was identified as an area of high need of healthcare access and provided a location in close proximity to our volunteer staff. The NWOC began by partnering with Providence Cristo Rey High School, providing care to their students in October 2017. With the dedication and support of our local partners and volunteers, we expanded our services to the community in June 2018. We moved locations in April 2021 to Living Faith Church at 2120 W Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN. We continue to provide free healthcare every Saturday.

We appreciate the support of our volunteers and the generous support of our local partners:

  1. iSALUS Healthcare (www.isalushealthcare.com)

    • The iSALUS mission is to provide healthcare professionals with affordable yet innovative EHR and practice management solutions.

  2. Northwind Pharmaceuticals (www.nwpharma.com)

    • Northwind provides a complete pharmaceutical dispensing solution for medical clinics coast to coast, from packaging to software.

  3. Near West Steering Committee (www.nearwestindy.org)

    • A group of Near West residents dedicated to improving the quality of life for those living in the Near West.

  4. Hawthorne Community Center (www.hawthornecenter.org)

    • A neighborhood non-profit providing opportunities for seniors and adults to build financial stability.

  5. Marion County Commission on Youth (MCCOY) (www.mccoyouth.org)

    • Champions the positive development of youth through leadership on key issues and support of the youth worker community.

Board of Directors:

  • Physician Director: James Pike, D.O., FCCP, FACP

  • Clinic Advisor: Mercy Obeime, MD

  • Staffing Coordinator: Kevin Bogenschutz, PA-C

  • NWOC Board

    • Chair: Kristin Bredhold

    • Chair-Elect: Andrea Velazquez

    • Vice Chair: Nate Pham

    • Vice Chair-Elect: Gail Enright

    • Director of Operations: Monica Schultz

    • Admin Manager: Jose Martinez

    • Cultural Relations Lead: Megan Cornett

    • Cultural Relations Lead: Massiel Ulloa

    • Cultural Relations: Alex Abatayo

    • Cultural Relations: Alejandro Carrasco

    • Marketing/Promotions Manager: Ashley Orr

    • Communications/Social Media Manager: Ella Freeman

    • Supply Manager: Emily Phillips

    • Butler Volunteer Coordinator: Khusbu Shah

    • Marian Volunteer Coordinator: Kristen Link

    • Continuity of Care Coordinator: Kelly Nixon

La Historia

Near West Outreach Clinic es una clínica médica gratuita, no lucrativa, que hace parte de Neighborhood Health Partners. La clínica está atenida por estudiantes de medicina y médicos voluntarios, con un corazón para servir a nuestra comunidad. Proveemos exámenes de salud y algunos medicamentos gratuitos a todas las persona que lo necesiten. Estamos abiertos todos los Sábados.

La clínica comenzó cuando un grupo de estudiantes de medicina empezaron a trabajar con el Dr. Pike para encontrar un área de la ciudad que necesitará servicios adicionales de medicina primaria. Near West fue identificada como un área con gran necesidad. Comenzaron por asociarse con Providence Cristo Rey High School y empezaron a dar atención médica a sus estudiantes en octubre del 2017. Con más tiempo, dedicación y el apoyo de nuestros socios locales y voluntarios, ampliamos nuestros servicios a la comunidad en junio del 2018.

Agradecemos el apoyo de nuestros voluntarios y el generoso apoyo de nuestros socios locales:

  1. iSALUS Healthcare (www.isalushealthcare.com)

    • La misión de iSALUS es proveer a los profesionales de la salud con soluciones de EHR que sean asequibles e innovadoras.

  2. Northwind Pharmaceuticals (www.nwpharma.com)

    • Northwind provee servicios farmacéuticos para clínicas médicas de costa a costa.

  3. Near West Steering Committee (www.nearwestindy.org)

    • Un grupo de residentes de Near West dedicados a mejorar la calidad de vida para los que viven en la comunidad de Near West.

  4. Hawthorne Community Center (www.hawthornecenter.org)

    • Una organización sin ánimo de lucro que ofrece oportunidades para que adultos de la comunidad puedan construir estabilidad financiera.

  5. Marion County Commission on Youth (MCCOY) (www.mccoyouth.org)

    • Promueve el desarrollo de jóvenes a través del liderazgo con el apoyo de trabajadores jóvenes de la comunidad.

Junta Directiva :

  • Director Médico- James Pike, D.O., FCCP, FACP

  • Asesor Clinico- Mercy Obeime, MD

  • Coordinador de personal- Kevin Bogenschutz, PA-C

  • NWOC Junta

    • Presidente: Kristin Bredhold

    • Presidente electo: Andrea Velazquez

    • Vice presidente: Nate Pham

    • Vice presidente electo: Gail Enright

    • Director de Operaciones: Monica Schultz

    • Gerente de administración: Jose Martinez

    • Relaciones culturales: Megan Cornett, Massiel Ulloa, Alex Abatayo, Alejandro Carrasco

    • Gerente de recaudación de fondos / promociones: Ashley Orr

    • Gerente de comunicaciones: Ella Freeman

    • Gerente de Suministros: Emily Phillips

    • Coordinador voluntario de Butler: Khusbu Shah

    • Coordinador voluntario de Marian: Kristin Link

    • Coordinador de continuidad de la atención: Kelly Nixon