Meet the NWFC Executive Board



Andrea Velazquez

Indianapolis, IN

Much will be required of the person entrusted with much, and still more will be demanded of the person entrusted with more.

Luke 12:48

My journey to medical school has been over a decade in the making. The opportunity to pursue a career as a physician is an incredible gift. I am honored to use this gift to serve my community as the Chair of the Near West Free Clinic, an organization dedicated to expanding healthcare access to all regardless of ability to pay. It is my hope that we can continue to expand our services and our volunteers to reach even more residents of Indianapolis!


Gail Enright

Indianapolis, IN

After my first volunteer experience with NWFC, I felt a strong desire to become more involved in this community. Between the patients, staff, and students, NWFC provides a hands-on learning environment that focuses on benefiting the community and our members. During the first two years of medical school, this is one of the few opportunities to use the education we are receiving in real-time. Like many of us, I want to become a physician to help others with something invaluable, their health. At NWFC, we have the great privilege to serve the people of Indianapolis in doing just that. NWFC reminds me over and over of my mission in becoming a physician.

Marian Volunteer Coordinator

Kristen Link

Indianapolis, IN

One of the many reasons that I chose to get involved with NWFC is the community that we serve. I was born and raised on the westside of Indy, and have always wanted to someday give back to the community that helped shape me into who I am. I see the faces of so many of the people that I love in each of our patients that come through the door. It is an honor, privilege, and passion of mine to provide quality healthcare that is easy for anyone to access regardless of their circumstances. As one of the only Indy natives on the exec board, it is a goal of mine to help make ourselves known and available to the corners of the community that we have not yet reached.

Butler Volunteer Coordinator:

Khusbu Shah

Cultural Relations Manager

Alejandro Carrasco

Perryton, Texas

More than ever before, it is crucial to promote an inclusive and culturally competent healthcare environment. As a native of an underserved, minority community myself, it is important to me that people of all ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds have access to not only quality healthcare, but a quality life. As a bilingual, first-generation Mexican American, I very much identify with the Near West community and often as a kid, I had to accompany my family members to doctors’ visits to help circumvent the healthcare barriers that come along with being of LatinX minority status, such as language, fear, and patient mis-trust. I believe that through my past and current experiences, I have the ability and the privilege to be a part of the team at the NWFC that can improve population health, provide empowerment, and make a lasting impact within an underserved population, such as the Near West community.

Cultural Relations Manager

Alexander Abatayo

Avon, IN

Growing up speaking Filipino as my native language, I knew how a language barrier could prevent people from being understood and asking for help. I became involved with the Near West Free Clinic because I wanted to help bridge the communication gap between the Spanish-speaking population we serve and the English-speaking care team. Additionally, I also wanted to gain experience in treating patients, understanding their problems, finding a solution, and providing education. Working in a patient care team with the medical students, attendings, and the patients have allowed me to apply and refine my medical Spanish skills, learn how to be a good listener, and show compassion/understanding with patients. Serving the underserved population here at the NWFC has been very humbling and keeps me grounded in my goal of becoming a future physician.

Communications/Social Media Manager

Ellason Freeman

Evansville, IN

I was brought to NWFC because I am passionate about providing accessible healthcare to all in my community. I strive to always put kindness and compassion first when it comes to working with patients, regardless of their circumstances, and NWFC allows me to live out these goals.

Marketing and Promotions Manager

Ashley Orr

Martinsville, IN

NWFC combines my passion for service in the Indianapolis community with my medical education. I believe there is nothing more important than providing quality healthcare to all members of our community and am proud of the work the clinic continues to do to promote the health and well-being of those on the west side and beyond.

Administration Manager

Jose Martinez

Fishers, IN

What brought you to NWFC? I was drawn to Near West because through my schooling and work experience it has been obvious there is a severe gap in care based on insurance status and finances. As someone with a passion for public health, finding a clinic that was attempting to bridge this gap has been enriching and helped to show me what is possible in medicine. Having the opportunity to serve on the executive board and in the clinic has been not only educational but also helped ground me in the reality of health outside of textbooks while supporting a community which is historically underrepresented and whose needs are frequently dismissed.

Supply Manager

Emily Phillips

Phoenix, Arizona

I love being a part of NWFC because it has given me a way to work toward my goal of lifelong service to others while simultaneously having the ability to apply the skills I’m learning in school to real clinic scenarios. I also have the opportunity to work with some pretty extraordinary people—students, healthcare professionals, teachers, clinicians, and more—and together, we get to serve a community of people with unique circumstances who, like all people, deserve access to quality healthcare.

Operations Manager

Monica Schultz

Kokomo, IN

I love having the opportunity to volunteer at NWFC because it allows me the opportunity to both serve the community of Indianapolis, as well as experience growth as a student doctor. I think that accessible healthcare and in particular, access to preventive medicine, is so important and NWFC allows me to be a part of an organization that provides this to the community.

Continuity of Care Manager

Kelly Nixon

Evansville, IN

I am involved in Near West Free Clinic because I am passionate about ensuring that quality healthcare is available to everyone in my community. As a student physician and an individual with a chronic medical condition I know how important and life changing access to good medical care can be. One’s physical health translates into every aspect of life, and I find it a great privilege to be able to help serve my Indianapolis neighbors in this way. I am very proud of what NWFC does for our community and look forward to helping further improve and expand services for our patients.

Co-Chair Advisor

Kristin Bredhold

Co Chair Advisor

Nate Pham

Cultural Relations Advisor

Megan Cornett

Indianapolis, IN

I became involved with the Near West Free Clinic because I saw the need for improved access to medical care in the Indianapolis community and more specifically the Spanish-speaking population. Having studied Spanish my entire life and participating in a medical Spanish course as well, my hope was to help bridge the cultural gap and communication barrier that exists for so many patients in Indianapolis. I also believe that the clinic serves an instrumental role in increasing continuity of care, which is something that can be lacking in general in patient care but even more so in the patient population the NWFC serves.

Cultural Relations Advisor

Massiel E. Ulloa

Miami, Fl

I was born in Cuba and moved to the United States when I was 13 years old; one of the first things that attracted me to NWFC is that the clinic was created for the people who needed the most help. As an immigrant myself, I have lived through this, and I know how important it is to have these types of resources available for individuals who otherwise would not get the help needed. I started volunteering at the clinic a few months after starting my first year of medical school and have been part of it ever since. I'm so happy that we have new people on my team who will continue making the clinic better and are bringing fresh and new renovating ideas. But until then, I will continue to see the clinic grow. We have come so far since then, and I'm very proud of that!