Meet the NWOC Executive Board


Chair: Michael Stewart, MU-COM OMS-IV

  • I am from Rockford, IL
  • The NWOC allows for me to intertwine the areas I am most most passionate about: medicine and community service. Since the beginning, I have been passionate about our mission to serve a community in need while being able to create an environment that fosters education for inter-professional teams.
  • An interesting fact about me is that I am a twin!
  • In the future, I plan to specialize in internal medicine and then practice as a hospitalist in the Midwest.

Chair-Elect: Jake Barbara, MU-COM OMS-II

  • I am from Cincinnati, OH
  • I first came to NWOC in order to improve my clinical skills. My first day I was welcomed by all of the volunteers and patients and I saw all of the great things that happen at the clinic, so I decided to really dive in to continue that tradition.
  • An interesting fact about me is that I worked at a golf course in high school and college and through that, I was able to meet professional athletes, musicians, and actors.
  • In the future, I plan on serving in the Navy as a physician. I am looking forward to traveling around the country and the world. After service, I would like to return to either Cincinnati or Indianapolis.

Vice Chair: Matt Spittler, MU-COM OMS-IV

  • I am from Hudson, OH
  • The NWOC provides a great atmosphere to learn medicine and provide care for an area in need. Working to help underserved populations has been an interest of mine through undergrad and into medical school.
  • An interesting fact about me is that I have visited 23 different national parks across the United States.
  • In the future, I am interested in orthopedics or sports medicine and I hope to settle in the Midwest.

Vice Chair-Elect: Kylie Ranard, MU-COM OMS-II

  • I am from West Lafayette, IN
  • I originally came to NWOC because I wanted to find a way to help the community and soon grew to love the clinic, everything it stands for, the people who volunteer, and what I have learned along the way.
  • An interesting fact about me is that I like to craft, paint, and do hands-on projects in my free time.
  • In the future, I hope to be a family physician somewhere in rural Indiana.

Director of Operations: Joann P. Wongvravit, MU-COM OMS-IV

  • I was born and raised in Bronx, NY, but moved to Chappaqua, NY about 12 years ago.
  • I became involved with NWOC because I am passionate about preventative medicine and emphasizing the importance of continuity of care. Growing up in the Bronx, I experienced first-hand the challenges of adequate access to healthcare. Through NWOC, I hope to address some of the many health inequities that those with limited access to healthcare commonly face.
  • An interesting fact about me is that I can play 5 instruments: the Thai harp, Thai violin, Thai xylophone, violin, and piano. I also enjoy cooking Thai food.
  • Future outlook: I am interested in practicing primary care in underserved areas, mainly focusing on preventative medicine and screening, and possibly pursuing a fellowship in either geriatrics or hospice palliative care, or even both.

Administrative Manager: Kenan Alibegovic, MU-COM OMS-IV

  • I am from Gracanica, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • I became involved with NWOC because I have always had a professional interest in primary care as a pre-medical/medical student and wanted to develop my exposure in underserved populations before starting residency. Also, having some interest in private practice, it has provided a semblance of what running a clinic is like from a manager point-of-view.
  • An interesting fact about me is that I have over 12,500 hours (about 1.43 years, real time) spent in my favorite video game of all time, World of Warcraft.
  • In the future, I would like to settle down somewhere close to Indianapolis. I would like to do Family Medicine and hope to gain additional training in nutritional management.

Cultural Relations: Maria Sarmiento, MU-COM OMS-IV

  • I was born in Bogota, Colombia, but I moved to Miami, Fl when I was 10.
  • I became involved with the NWOC because I wanted to help bridge the gap in healthcare access in the community, particularly to help decrease healthcare inequality among the Latino community in the area. I now find so much joy from being able to interact with patients from the community, to help empower them and educate them about their own health, and to help be an advocate for those who may need additional resources.
  • An interesting fact about me is that I love to dance salsa and bachata. I have been dancing for about 6 years.
  • In the future, I want to practice psychiatry, ideally serving underserved populations.

Cultural Relations: Massiel Ulloa, MU-COM OMS-II

  • I was born in Cuba and I came to the United States when I was 15 years old. I lived in Miami, Fl until last year before moving to Indiana to start medical school.
  • I became involved with NWOC because it is a place for individuals who might be going through a phase in their life where they need medical treatment and don’t have the funds to get the help they need. Having a place like NWOC that offers free health care opportunities is priceless. To be part of this is amazing!
  • An interesting fact about me is that I have a 10-year-old boy who is the light of my life. I love dogs and I have two little Yorkies. Since I was born and raised on an island in the middle of the Caribbean, I love the ocean!
  • In the future, I would like to live in South Florida so that I can be close to family. I am not sure what field I would like to go into, but I enjoy working with children. I would also like to have a private practice in the future after gaining experience in my field.

Fundraising/Promotions Manager: Christy Reick, MU-COM OMS-IV

  • I am from Hebron, IN
  • My interest in NWOC started for several reasons. During my first year of medical school, I lived on the near west side and saw first hand the need for a clinic like NWOC. Secondly, the other students and other medical professionals that were involved in helping get the clinic started are very passionate and hardworking individuals, and I wanted to be able to contribute in any way I could.
  • An interesting fact about me is that I have three pet rats named Jon, Sam, and Theo. They are so cute and friendly!
  • In the future, I will be pursuing Pediatrics! I will be in Indianapolis for the next 5-10 years while my fiancé is finishing up medical school and his subsequent training. We love Indianapolis, so we may end up living here for a long time!

Communications Manager: Mounica Chidurala, MU-COM OMS-II

  • I am from Tulsa, OK
  • I became involved with NWOC during my first year of medical school because it is very meaningful to see patients and apply what we learn in school. Being at NWOC is incredibly motivating moving forward in my education. Not only is it a great learning opportunity, but also an incredible way to help the underserved communities.
  • An interesting fact about me is that I am also a Chemical Engineer!
  • In the future, I would like to live somewhere in the south or midwest. I remain open-minded about specialties.

Supply Manager: Greg Rothchild, MU-COM OMS-IV

  • I am from Griffith, IN
  • I am involved with NWOC because it gives me the ability to give back to this great community that has provided me with so much!
  • An interesting fact about me is that I have completed over 200 miles of the Appalachian Trail starting at the southern trail head in Georgia.
  • In the future, I would like to stay in the Indianapolis area and practice internal medicine. I would also like to pursue medical mission work at least twice every year once I finish residency.

Butler Volunteer Coordinator: Michelle Turner, Butler PA Program, 2nd year

  • I am from Danville, IN
  • Helping expand access to healthcare has been a passion of mine since undergrad at Indiana University where I got a chance to serve there in Bloomington and on a medical brigade to Guatemala. When I heard about this opportunity with NWOC to volunteer locally in Indy, I was excited to be involved with our community and help fill a need here. So far it has been a joy!
  • An interesting fact about me is that I have a large second degree burn scar from falling into a firepit while camping when I was 5!
  • In the future, I am most interested in family practice. After graduation, I would like to continue working with underserved communities to help tackle health disparities both locally and abroad. Where? I'm not sure, Hawaii has a primary care shortage though!

Marian Volunteer Coordinator: Arielle Moss, MU-COM OMS-II

  • I am from Jasper, IN
  • I am passionate about learning more about health inequalities in underserved communities and working to bridge those gaps to ensure every individual has access to quality, equitable healthcare. NWOC has been an excellent opportunity for me to learn about and address the healthcare challenges the West side of Indianapolis faces and apply the clinical skills I’ve been learning along the way.
  • An interesting fact about me is that I like doing stick-and-poke tattoos.
  • In the future, I hope to pursue OB/GYN and continue working in underserved communities.

Continuity of Care Coordinator: Alex Waldherr, MU-COM OMS-III

  • I am from Elmhurst, IL
  • How I got involved with the clinic: I was a frequent volunteer at the Friday clinics as this project was originally getting off of the ground. I am passionate about providing access to care in underserved areas, so I’ve taken each opportunity to get more involved, first through running Friday clinics last year and now serving on the board to ensure that we are providing the best possible continuity of care for our patients.
  • An interesting fact about me is that I play Masters water polo here in Indianapolis and do some freelance esports journalism work when my schedule permits!
  • In the future, I’d like to stay more or less local to Indianapolis, even if that means commuting to work. I’ll likely be doing Family Medicine, but I would also like to get involved in policy making and perhaps run for political office later in life. I’m a firm believer that the best people to fix systemic issues in healthcare are people who have lived with them firsthand. Somewhere down the road when I have that necessary experience, I’d like to affect change on a larger scale.