Become a Volunteer

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer with us!

We currently welcome pre-medical students, physician assistant students, medical students, Spanish language interpreters, and licensed MD, DO, NP and PA providers to volunteer at our clinic.

The clinic follows an Interprofessional Educational (IPE) model where two students work in a Patient Care Team (PCT) and report to the attending provider for that day.

Volunteer Positions:

  • Intake desk Attendants:
    • This position is suited for Pre-Med students or 1st year medical students. Intake desk-attendants are responsible for welcoming and registering patients and coordinating with the PCT.
  • Clinic manager:
    • This position is best suited for 2nd year PA students or 3rd and 4th year medical students. Clinic managers are responsible for running the clinic on the day of operation, ensuring quality of care and patient flow. If you are interested in receiving training for this position please contact volunteer@nearwestoutreachclinic.com for more information.
  • Spanish Interpreter: Provide interpretation between patient and provider.
  • PCT member #1: This position is for 1st year PA students or 1st and 2nd year medical students.
  • PCT member #2: This position is for 2nd year PA students or 3rd and 4th year medical students (who have completed a minimum of 2 months of FM, IM, or EM clerkships).
  • Attending Medical Provider: This position is for licensed Physicians (FM, IM or EM) and NP’s (Family Medicine) or PA’s that have experience in primary care.

Get started here!

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the form below, or email volunteering@nearwestoutreachclinic.com.

Opportunities are also available exclusively for 1st and 2nd year Marian medical students to volunteer providing wellness screenings and sports physicals at our Friday school clinic at Providence Cristo Rey High School. Please fill out the form and make sure to click the checkbox with this option.